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Issue with my connection to OVH hosted servers.

The OVH servers that I connect to are game servers that many large game networks use. For over a year I have been getting really bad ping to their servers, and I thought it was just normal. I started talking to other people and they have no problems whatsoever and live farther from the host than I do.

A person in California gets 80ms ping when I live in Arizona and get 120ms ping. The server that I try connecting to is located in New Jersey, meaning that I am closer to the server than they are as well.

I believe the problem is my packets routing in a not-so-very efficient way. As far as I know I can only ever hope of getting this fixed by contacting my ISP.

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    We are also having issues with connections to OVH for our web hosting, we have a 300mbit connection here, speedtest fine, but cant download our backups at more than 50mbit multithreaded... I also run the speedtest on our ovh servers and max them out at 500mbit... so the routing is screwy, please fix it cox, need a level 3 tech on it

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    Do you have any trace routes to the host in question you can share so we may look to see if there's a problem?

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