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Issue is; and has been, Cox Webmail (Classicversion) eats my overlength (time), senses it as idle and disappears th or sent in this lifetime.I'm AWARE that your softwae 'DRAFT' I was COMPOSING , never to be seenre is so much smarter then me, b

My Issue is and has been, Cox Webmail (Classic Version).  It eats my email due to it's.lenght. Your S/W sees as IDLE and it simply disappears, never seen or sent in this lifetime. I'm AWARE that the software 'DRAFT' I was COMPOSING is so much smarter than me, but I need somehow to be forewarned before such an odious action is taken. It's probably not worth your effort to change the S/W, or is at much expense. Appears to be the same attitude that Marie Antoinette had as she replied to King Louis IV saying he "should let them eat Cake". Do you have other solutions? Perhaps a different S/W, or, create off-line? see any issues to my copying my draft to paste into your Webmail?  I really feel I need to be forewarned of imminent disconnections with sufficient time to transfer my email to a new WP/offline like M/S Outlook or other, such as Word or Notepad. I'm theorizing that you cannot modify the S/W to do any of that, or that it's a wasteful effort and the high costs & time for accomplishing that move. However, the current system is totally worthless.

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    If you're composing a lengthy email the webmail timeout can be a problem. If this is a common problem I'd suggest either editing the text of the email on your PC with a text editor of some kind then doing a copy/paste into webmail or using an email client such as Windows Mail, Thunderbird, etc. which has no such timeouts.

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    +1 for Thunderbird. I've been using it for years, now I have it on my WIN10 L/T configured as IMAP. Outgoing is configures as SSL/TLS, port 465 and Normal Password. If won't send if you select Encrypted Password but no big deal since the entire transaction is secured with SSL.

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    Try Session Keeper if you have Firefox, or what ever the equivalent is on your browser. Just be careful where you use this, since it will keep the session live even if you actually go AFK.