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Is this common?

For about two weeks, I have been having pixelation issues in every channel.  At some times, some of the HD channels won't even come through...

Last two days, almost every hour, I have lost my TV, Phone, and Internet service for between 10 to 40 minutes EVERY hour.

Every time I call, tech support tells me I am in an outage area, offers apologies, but other than resetting the box (at least 10x now), they can't fix the issue.  And yes, tech have been in the house and outside the house and still nothing.  AND I have replaced the box twice.  If I am truly in an outage area, why does it work some of the time without any issues?

This is getting old...  Zip 70003.  VERY OLD.

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  • We would like for you to reach out to us outside of forums so we can assist with these service related concerns. As this appears to be an issue outside the outages you have mentioned.  We want everyone to enjoy all the services they subscribe to and have nothing but nice things to say about the products we offer. When available can you please reach us on Twitter at @CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or email by at  Supply us with the account name and full service address with the link to this thread.  We would like to help.

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    Latest issue:

    Contour box will only wok on non-digital channels and all the mini boxes in the house are now not receiving channels. Wife called this morning and guess what?  We are in an outage...  utter **.


  • jstanich,

    We'll need to reserve a technician appointment if the service trouble continues once the outage is cleared.