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is this a real request from Cox?

Dear Cox Webmail User
We recently did some upgrade on our database. During the upgrade there was an unusual respond code from your Cox email address requesting for
deactivation. Please verify to deactivate or keep your coxwebmail account active. In order to verify/confirm your email identity, You need to
provide the following information:
First Name:
Last Name:
Cox email Username:
Email Password:
Cox eccount Deactivation: _NO_________________(specify yes to deactivate. No to keep
Reason for Deactivation_____________(if yes)
WARNING!!! Failure to verify your email account within 48hrs of receiving this notification, your
account will automatically be deactivated
Thank you for using our Webmail
Warning Code: ASPH8B02AXV
Kind regards
© 1998-2013 Cox Communications, Inc
This email was sent by: Cox Communications, Inc, 1400 Lake Hearn Dr., Atlanta, GA 30319, USA. ©2010 Cox Communications, Inc. All rights reserved

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    NO!  Definitly phishing.  Do not respond, Cox would never ask for that info via email.

  • Hi Brucelas,

    Allen is correct. Cox will never ask customers to verify account information via email. These emails are fraudulent and do not originate from Cox. This is known as phishing: attempting to acquire sensitive information by pretending to be a trustworthy entity.

    In general, any email you receive that requests personal user information via email is likely to be some form of fraudulent email. Customers should never provide username and password information via email to anyone, even if the email looks like it is coming from your bank, your credit card company, or any online account.

    If you do receive an email from Cox that asks for personal information, please send it to as an attachment. Use the links below to learn more about spam, phishing, and how to send these types of email as attachments.