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Is this normal

Is it normal to send a tech his second week on the job to install TV, Internet, Phone and spend 8 hours, leave you with no dial tone, fuzzy TV and internet speed one tenth of what you purchased?

AND be told over 220 channels With HBO, don't want, other movie channels I don't want, I TOLD YOU I don't want them and I'm told they're included (Guessing there was bonus paid that day for that sale)

AND have channels you don't want and need to pay more for the ones you do? (Includes cancelling he ones you don't want)

AND not leave any documents, not signatures, no proof of delivery

AND THEN spend over 45 minutes on the phone to explain ALL THREE INSTALLED SERVICES DONT WORK AS ADVERTIZED,

AND then told, I  can cancel but you have no obligation to put  my home the way you found it (which was better than you left it) but I'm free to pay you $75 and have the pleasure of bringing you the equipment?

AND you offer to send someone to fix it, the installer was one the phone with "Support" most of the day, no one could help him, but van help me? (Hard to believe, don't you think?)

Is it normal?

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  • Hi Benzfxr,

    This is definitely not the Cox experience I want for you!  I can't even imagine how upset I would be if I were in your shoes.  I am truly sorry for the frustration and aggravation you have been through.  I would like an opportunity to address all of your concerns appropriately.  Please send us an email with your account details to so we can assist.  We look forward to hearing from you.