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Is there anyway to move or untie a primary email address from a closed account to another account?

My sister closed my cox account she was using without giving me a heads up so i can take action to change emails on other websites to an active email.  So now i have a problem with not being able to access those accounts because i forgot pw and can't reset them since that email is not active or so.  So my question is, is there a way to transfer an primary email address to another account as a secondary email?  i can still log into the email address but of course can't view the anything because it states that if i had service i would be able to utilize the email.  All i need is access to that particular email so i can get my pw reset.  even if its temporary.  so if the cox account is no longer active why is the email still tied to it?

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    Hello Xxmxaxrxyxx, we can only transfer emails as primary between accounts. Thanks