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Is there any way to change my public IP address?

Title says it all.

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    Residential service provides IP addresses via DHCP. We do not have a way to change it when requested. Only our business services are issued specific IP addresses. I can see if there are other ways to achieve what you are trying to accomplish. What's going on and why did you need the IP address changed?

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    I play an online game and there's people who have my IP address that have DDoS'ed me.

  • Hi, are you able to determine what your current IP address is?
  • Since you know and can confirm your IP address.  Our DHCP server will hold a reservation for that IP to the MAC address of your device.  A way to change the IP would be to clone your IP within the router, or to power down your equipment for at least 30hrs. to ensure the 24hr least expires then its possible when powering up the DHCP server may issue another address at that time.  If you feel that indeed you are being attacked you also can report this by contacting and reporting this issue and see if they are able to assist in resolving the issue or if they are able to issue another IP.