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Is there a way to manually configure DNS settings on Ubee router?

I have looked and no option for changing them on either the WAN settings, or the wireless DHCP settings.

Pretty sure Cox won't give a static IP address on a residential account.

Is my only option to buy another router?(lame)

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    The home gateways we issue have many of the advanced features disabled as how they are designed to be as easy as possible for the novice user to setup. Customers that are more technologically proficient may prefer to use a separate router/modem solution.

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    tsaign, a little confused by your question.  You ask about manual configuring of DNS servers but then you talk about a static IP for a residential account.  Chris is correct about manual DNS with a gateway, Cox dumbs them down for ease of use and minimize support.

    Are you asking about Dynamic DNS (DDNS), a way to access a dynamic IP address via a domain name?  It is available in the UBEE DDW365 gateway.  See pg 33-34 in the manual here.  It requires an account with dynDNS, AFAIK, other ddns services (like noip) are not supported.  Just reading a little into the second sentence of your post ... static/dynamic IP has nothing to do with manual DNS configuration.