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Is setting DVR from computer or iphone functionality going to be restored?

I used to be able to record from either my computer or cell phone without issue but ever since upgrading to a Contour DVR box I can't even though the tech who did the install assured me I would be able to.  On a computer it tells me the recording is set but when I return home there's nothing.  On my iphone 6 fails to load my tv listings and the Contour app doesn't even display the option to set a recording.  As you can imagine this is quite frustrating and I'm looking for an ETA on when this functionality will be available again please.


Matthew O'Brien

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  • Hello,

    Are you able to set a manual recording with the box? 


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator

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    Yes recording from the box works fine.  Also, the website was working yesterday and I was able to set a recording from my laptop, however on my phone it still asks me to "tell us where you are and we'll show you the tv listings" even though I am already logged in.  Please advise.



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    I spoke too soon.  Recording from my laptop is down again today and I'm seeing the same message that  I see on my phone.  This is very frustrating to me that this service isn't reliable.  Again, it used to work without issue before the upgrade to Contour.   Please see error below:

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    The remote recording feature is not available at this time. We are working to get this up and running as soon as possible. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

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    I used to be able to remotely set recordings using the cox app on my iphone.  Cox disabled the old app and forced upgrade to the new app which omits feature to set recordings entirely.

    Very disappointed. 

    Does Cox intend to enable this feature in the near future?

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    I am not able to say specifically that will be added back in the next update but with customers providing feedback like yourself, it will be taken into consideration. We are always looking for ways to improve our service!
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    Hello Matt,

    Are you able to go through and re-select your location after getting the error message?  The web scheduling functionality should still work with Contour 2, it's the actual downloadable mobile app that doesn't yet have the scheduling functionality.  If you're able to get the schedule to load, you might click on "Manage Dvr's" if you have the option, to make sure the correct one is selected.