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is new equipment need when transferring account holder name?

We just recently transferred our service into my Sister's name I also am listed as an authorized user.  we have cox digital cable digital phone and CHSI everything works except something happened to the cable card pairing and no /tuning adapters are listed on the account, but we were told to keep the same equipment.

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  • @wees41,

    Hey, there. I see we have been working with you via Facebook. Are you still experiencing trouble with the channels this morning?

    Thank you,
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    yes Allan was helping, but we are still not getting the Encore channels or HBO and the SD version of TLC(25) channel brings up the cable card screen, but TLCHD has video.

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    Hi wees41,

    Did you get my Facebook comment about your card? I will need to repair it and prefer to do it in real time. Please private message me on Facebook a good time to call you.