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Is Cox still working on the email platform problem?

Is Cox still working on the problems some people are having with the email platform introduced five weeks ago? I've been having problems ever since this thing launched, and customers were switched. I was immediately working with tech support, I have a trouble ticket.

I've been having the same problems, with no improvement.

1. Incoming emails go to the online Spam folder, when they ought to go to the Inbox. Often, mail from the same address will sometimes go to the Spam folder, and sometimes to the Inbox.

2. Incoming mail bounces, from addresses that have been emailing me successfully for decades. Sometimes email from the same address, including forwards coming from my own gmail account, will bounce, and sometimes they make it to my Inbox. 

3. I created a filter to make sure all the forwards from my gmail account come through, and yet one or two will bounce back every day.

4. From a church newsletter I send, at least one Cox customer recipient bounced back and was automatically deleted from the list. When we accidentally discovered this, she had to re-subscribe using her gmail. I was bounced and dropped from another church newsletter, and had to re-subscribe using my gmail. This tells me a significant number of Cox customers are having unacceptable problems with their email service. Still.

So I'd like to know what, if anything, Cox is doing to resolve these problems? I mean, how can you provide permanently buggy service to this many of your customers?

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    fyi...  experiencing many of the same issues and have been for months but no acknowledgement from cox.  There seems to be no concern.  My church doesn't even send emails to cox customers from our gmail account anymore as they fail.  Cox unfortunately blames gmail for the issue.  I also have these issues:

    Using Outlook, often I cannot send mail and get issues where cox logs me on and off repeatedly.

    Emails sent to me are getting rejected immediately as if my email address does not exist. The rejection (from the COX server!) says "invalid recipient."  Crazy.  

    I've been told all are to be fixed.  No fixes.  No follow up.  No service.  No care from Cox.  

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    Hi Kashka and Ken W,

    We are working as quickly as we can to get the known issues resolved with the new Cox email platform.  We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.  We appreciate your patience regarding this matter.

    @Kasha, we can take a look at your trouble ticket to see if we have received any updates on it.  Please send us an email to with your full name, street address, and ticket number.

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    Here it is 7/26 and I still have some of these problems.  So many emails go to the spam folder and they are valid emails except that sometimes they are duplicate or even triplicate of what is in my inbox?  Why??

    Chase Mortgage and now Edward Jones send me letters telling me that their emails to me are rejected "or I don't exist" same email address for ever... really frustrating for me and the companies that are trying to reach me.

    The new layout is confusing/frustrating to me.  Not easy to read or use.  Still haven't been able to remember if blue envelopes are unread and white emails are read or vice versa.  Right now I have two unread emails with blue envelope symbols and two unread emails with white envelopes. So what do the envelope symbols mean?

    Also  the print on the emails I have read is so light that I have to bring my head closer to the screen. Once I open them they are fine.

    Please show some concern for these problems causing everyone trouble


    Judy Anderson

  • Hi Judy,

    I apologize that the transition to the new email platform has been so frustrating. To get more comfortable with the new email platform, click on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner. From the drop-down menu, click on Getting Started. This will take you through a short tour. A longer Guided Tour is also available through the Settings menu.

    I'd like to see if we can address some of the issues you mentioned. First, open your Inbox and click on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner. From the drop-down menu, click on Settings. From the Settings menu, click on Inbox, and then click on Auto Forward. Make sure that the Auto Forward feature is not enabled. Then, click on Filter Rules. If there are any gray boxes underneath the heading “Mail Filter Rules”, click the “Disable” button next to each one. (To view the Rule, click on Edit. Delete unnecessary rules.) Lastly, click on Spam Settings, and make sure that you have chosen the first or second option. This will prevent mail from being deleted without you knowing about it.

    We’ve found that some of the issues with duplicate and triplicate emails is caused by Auto Forward and Mail Filter Rules. After deleting or disabling all filters and rules, manually delete the duplicate emails and log out. Please let us know if this stops the duplicate email problem. We’re happy to troubleshoot further or answer other questions.