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Is Cox Phone Service required to restore, repair phone service within a certain period of time?

My wife and I are both 81 and need phone service available 24/7 in case of a medical emergency.

Our Cox phone stopped working and I called Cox at about 12 noon.

I explained to the Cox Rep why we need to have phone service restored.

Our concerns, in my opinion, were of no interest to Cox.

Best they could do was set up a repair call for the next day. We will be without Cox phone service for approx 20 hours. So what happens if  we need to call 911?? Can Cox answer this question?

We have been with Cox for over 15 years (bundled program). 

Anyone had similar problems and what did you do (did you go with another phone co.?) ?

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    Yes, we went with a different VoIP provider but that still leaves the problem if the cable / internet go down, so does our landline. You need a backup plan, my wife & I both have cell phones, hopefully if the cable goes down, we still have cell service. Even if you don't subscribe to cell service, if you have an old cell phone, keep it charged, it can make 911 calls regardless of an active plan or not.

    Cox is not unique, no communications company has a sense of urgency today. Access to E911 is very important, you must take care of yourself ... hence the backup plan. It can be done at little (pay as you go plan) to no (old disconnected cell phone) expense.

  • Thank you for your help and info.

    I can use a cell phone but my wife cannot (she can use a regular phone).

    So we need a landline phone.

    Maybe I need to keep the Cox phone and add another landline phone service. This is probably an expensive option, but  we might have to some how stretch our budget $$.

    Thanks again, and happy new year.

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    Except for very few exceptions, there is no such thing as a "land line". Almost everything now is Packet Switch/VOIP. Getting a technician out sometimes takes time. Sure, getting your phone back is important, but what if other people also need their phone back? Who gets priority? A cell phone is best for backup because even if a Hurricane comes through, as long as the cell tower is up and have power, cell service will work. If your wife has trouble using a cell phone, there are ways to use normal phones with your cell phone, like this.

    Did Cox say anything about why the phone was done? What are they coming out to fix? Have you done all normal troubleshooting?

  • Cox came out, spent approx 1 1/2 hours trying to isolate the problem and fix the problem.. They finally figured out that it was their box mounted on one of my outside walls was bad. Tech did not have a new box had to wait to have another tech deliver it

    My wired (landline), not cellular,  phone is now working.

    As a backup I have had another phone line installed by AT&T.

    I was told Cox normally responds to calls within 2-3 hours. But on the day I called they were extremely busy and many techs had taken the holiday week off. So 2-3 hours turned into almost 24 hours.

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    phoneproblem said:
    I was told Cox normally responds to calls within 2-3 hours.

    I have never heard of a 2-3 hour SLA for Cox Phone. Who ever told you that was trying to make you feel better about the situation. Im glad you got the problem fixed.