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Is Cox jamming the DVR recording of Designated Survivor?

I have Contour set to record series "Designated Survivor." Today (4/12) I looked at the DVR at 9:30 and saw that the red (record) light was not on. Turned on the TV and saw the record icon on that program on the Guide, but nothing was happening. Since the program was broadcasting on my TV, I tried the record button on the controller, and still nothing. Turned the series recording "off" for this episode, then tried to manually record, even though the program was half over. No dice. Got a pop-up message that this channel temporarily unavailable, and I should try another channel and come back in a few minutes. Went to a different channel, showing Chicago PD, activated manual recording, which worked just fine. Went back to Designated Survivor and tried to set recording, but again got the error message.

Is Cox messing with the recordability of Designated Survivor? It is one of the most recorded shows, and the network sure would like to make us watch the advertisements it crams into the experience.

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    jwm3, Oh No! I want to help. What error message are you getting when trying to record this program? You can also try erasing the program completely out of the DVR, power cycling the box and then try setting up the series recording again. Thank you.