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Is anyone else this slow?

I measured the time it took to get one page of hourly weather data in my area. My recollection is that it was faster months ago.

Now: After signing up for Cox "Peferred" 50 mbps service: it takes 2 minutes 27 seconds first thing after starting my browser

By the afternoon, after running FireFox most of the day it "Only" takes 45 seconds.

Does anyone else have similar results?

The address for my area code is

Using the Cox  speed test, I get 31 Mbps D/L,  8Mbps U/L  What do you get?

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  • @Bob.Mc

    Are you having slow speeds on other websites or just this one?

    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator

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    You're doing better than us, we cannot get better than 30 Mbps out of the 50 Mbps. And that is on ALL web sites including Cox's speed check. We were also knocked down from premier service without being notified. We still pay the same amount too! Cox cheats.

  • Uninstalling Ad Blocker Plus from Firefox greatly reduced the load times for most web sites.  I thought fewer ads would make my system run faster but Ad Blocker Plus was much worse than the ads.  It was taking about 45-60 seconds to load my home page the first time each day.  Now it takes 10-15 seconds.  Subsequent web sites load much faster too.  Cox was taking 2 minutes and is now less than 1 minute.  Cox was no help in figuring this out.

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    Hi MasterOfMyDomain,

    I'm glad your speed is better now and I apologize we were unable to resolve this issue for you.

  • The improved speed has now slowed down again and may even be worse than before Ad Blocker Plus was removed.

    Firefox typically is using 90% or more of my CPU. 

    All add-ons and plug-ins  have been disabled.  Flash is blocked and all attempted redirects are blocked.

    Automatic updates are off and Windows help is off (I caught it running in the background)

    Two different anti-malware programs found no problems.

    I uninstalled Firefox, manually erased every folder and file with Mozilla or Firefox in it, reinstalled it, then turned off all add-ons and extension again.  If anything, it got even slower.

    I installed Process Explorer (Sysinternals) and while watcihng it Firefox CPU usage dropped below 25% for a few minutes and during this time web pages started loading at an acceptable speed, then all of a sudden Firefox went back to 90% CPU usage.

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    The browsers usage would be specific to the program not the ability to access websites or the internet. You may want to see if there are any anti virus or other programs scanning it on that computer or it may be something with things left over in the registry it is still referencing but we do not support going into the registry for changes on a computer that is more along the lines of a PC technician. You may want to see if other browsers like Chrome or Opera have the same issues as well.

  • Hi Edward,

    Thanks for your response.  As luck would have it I had Process Explorer (similar to Task Manager) running today when I went to a news article on Yahoo's opening page.  It was about China moving troops to the North Korean border and was from Business Insider UK.   All of a sudden Process Explorer showed Firefox using 99% of my RAM but only 74% of my CPU.  Anti-virus was not scanning anything.  Then it showed 2 Firefoxes running at the same time.  One said "unresponsive script" and sure enough the web page had a Script Error Message.  The computer was completely locked up.  So I rebooted and went back to the same page of the same article and it did it again.  So I tried a different computer. and it too got an unresponsive script error.

    I've infrequently had script errors on other websites and they cause slowness and lockups, but I get slowness a lot more without having script errors.  This case, though, tends to support your guidance that slowness may be related to the website visited.   Cox, for example, is always slow and after leaving it the computer continues to be slow.

    I downloaded the Noscript plug-in for Firefox but it was too confusing to use.  I may give it another try on the outside chance that some scripts cause slowness without creating an error.