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IR Port on PACE XiD receiver

I have one of the new PACE XiD receivers. It's in an equipment closet and I use an IR repeater to control it.  This worked perfectly for my old cable box and for the six other devices in the equipment closet, but not for the new PACE box.  

Basically, I need to know precisely where the IR receiver is on this box so that I can properly position the IR emitter.  The location on the Cox help page doesn't work -- or it's too non-specific to know where to place the emitter.  No position near the arrow works. Comcast uses the same box, and THEIR location is on the opposite side of the box, but that doesn't work either. 

The RF remote that comes with the box works fine, but won't control any of my other equipment, so that's not a solution. I'm using a Harmony 650 remote.

If I open the closet and point the remote inside, it works fine, so the IR port on the box is working. (I even swapped it out with a different box--still doesn't work). I swapped emitters.  Didn't work.  I'm certain the problem is locating the emitter over the IR receiver.  Does anyone on the planet know where it's at?


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  • Hi MathguyTulsa,

    If you're still looking for the location of the IR Sensor to the PACE XG2 PX022ANM receiver, I recommend trying the location mentioned on this link below.