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IR not working on 9865HDC boxes

I had two 9865HDC boxes (one contour 2 dvr & one non-dvr) installed in my AV rack last week.  The RF remote doesn't work from the TV locations and I need to use IR.  My IR emitters from the Control4 box don't work.  I tried unpairing (and factory resetting) the X11 remote and it won't work via IR line of sight either.  I also tried the IR plug on the back of the boxes to no avail.  

Do I have bad boxes or is the IR completely disabled?  The tech was out today and couldn't figure it out.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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  • duchess

    Please send an email with your full address and the account holder's name to: I'd like to take a look at the notes that the field technician may have left on your account after his visit.

    Stephanie S.
    Cox Forums Support Moderator