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IR Extender/repeater for Arris XG1v1 Cable Box

Hi All,

I have an Arris XG1v1 Contour cable box. As we keep it in a cabinet, I would like to add an IR extender, but the box does not seem to have an IR port. Does anyone know how to use an IR extender with this box?

Much appreciated. 

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    Ironically, the post right under yours talks about this issue. Basically use the Comcast remote codes for the XG1v1.

  • Thanks. Are you saying to use Comcast remote codes for the XG1v1 when it comes to adding an IR extender? I'm a non-techie, and I don't know how to make this work. 


  • Interesting... I just talked with a rep from a COX solutions store, and he said that we don't need an IR extender because the new boxes (like mine) don't use IR. I look forward to testing that out later today. Thanks for our help. 

  • Hi IR,

    Contour 2 receivers use the same IR code set as the Comcast Xfinity receivers. The Arris XG1 receiver has an IR sensor located on the front panel, just below the Remote Indicator. When connected via HDMI, Contour 2 uses Auto IR remote control programming. The XR11 voice remote can function in both RF and IR mode.