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Why won't my Netgear AC1900 that you provide me let the Ipv6 info stream via Ethernet cable to a router in another part of the House?

No scripted response please.

The router in question is properly setup to receive the Ipv6 signal, but the Netgear is blocking the addresses from being sent. 

BTW, Netgear was very RUDE to me and wouldn't provide any information after I told them that I received the Netgear AC1900 from Cox. 

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    Is the Netgear in bridge mode or acting as a router?  Are other devices connected to the Netgear getting IPv6 addresses?  What model is the second router, is it configured as an access point or a router?  How is it pulling IPv6 addresses, DHCPv6?

    I don't have a Netgear gateway but use a Netgear stand-a-lone router.  It works as a DHCPv6 server and provides IPv6 addresses to all devices on my network ... WiFi laptop, wired desktop, iPad, Android phones, etc ... no issues.  Except: Windows 10 Anniversary update broke DHCPv6, Windows 10 now doesn't pull IPv6 dns info over DHCPv6 on boot.  You must issue an "ipconfig -renew6" command to get it to work after the update.  A windows issue, not a router issue.  Google it, many posts in MS boards documenting this.