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IPv6 in New Orleans area

Greetings, all, and Happy New Year!

I do network support for federal systems that use IPv6 for their websites. We've had IPv6 on internet facing web sites at work since 2012, but I still cannot test the sites from home.

I've heard from Cox support, that IPv6 is now available in New Orleans to home users, but other support personnel seem quite confused on the matter. IPv6 is much more confusing for all concerned than IPv4, I'm sure.

The Cox IPv6 information web page (articleId=0bced860-9666-11df-6baf-000000000000) has no information at all for setting up IPv6 on home routers. Numerous posts here have been answered with misinformation, such as users not needing to do anything to setup IPv6 on their routers, and that one only needs a DOCSIS 3 modem. That's quite impossible, if you've every configured IPv6 on any kind of router.

I have Cox High Speed Internet Preferred and a Cisco DOCSIS 3 modem provisioned by Cox. My home router runs OpenWRT with the latest firmware. I would like to know:

1. Is IPv6 actually available for Cox High Speed Internet Preferred in the New Orleans area?

2. Is there a Cox document that describes the settings needed for DHCPv6 vs SLAC, Global prefix, DNS addresses, etc?

I do not want to use any sort of IPv6 tunneling protocol. I want dual stack (both IPv4 and IPv6 enabled simultaneously from the PC all the way to the ISP). I can provide packet captures of the modem's ethernet , if needed.



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    IPv6 works on any DOCSIS 3.0 modem or gateway on Cox Residental, but NOT Cox Business. Do you have a normal residental account? Also it uses DHCPv6 with stateless config.  See this thread for more info from Cox users, and this thread for more info on OpenWRT.

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    Tecknowhelp -

    Thanks for the links.

    I have Cox High Speed Internet Preferred - which I believe implies residential. I am indeed residential.

    As you can see in many threads, there's almost total silence from Cox on IPv6 settings needed on one's router.

    On OpenWrt, much depends on the exact release. I'm on 15.0.1. I came across this bug fix:

    But no joy.

    So far, I have DHCPv6 enabled, with my OpenWrt firewall allowing Cox to reach UDP 546, per this link, which was for Cox Arizona:

    Using tcpdump on my router, I see my modem sending router advertisements, and my router sending the dhcp6 solicit, but no reply ever comes back.

    17:40:51.509858 IP6 (hlim 1, next-header UDP (17) payload length: 114) fe80::c24a:ff:fefc:1b54.dhcpv6-client > ff02::1:2.dhcpv6-server: [udp sum ok] dhcp6 solicit (xid=f04d05 (elapsed-time 104) (option-request SIP-servers-domain SIP-servers-address DNS-server DNS-search-list SNTP-servers NTP-server AFTR-Name opt_67 opt_82 opt_83 opt_94 opt_95 opt_96) (client-ID hwaddr type 1 c04a00fc1b54) (reconfigure-accept) (Client-FQDN) (IA_NA IAID:1 T1:0 T2:0) (IA_PD IAID:1 T1:0 T2:0))

    17:40:54.076920 IP6 (hlim 255, next-header ICMPv6 (58) payload length: 32) fe80::6e41:6aff:fef3:5d9 > ff02::1: [icmp6 sum ok] ICMP6, router advertisement, length 32
        hop limit 64, Flags [managed, other stateful], pref medium, router lifetime 1800s, reachable time 3600000s, retrans time 0s
          source link-address option (1), length 8 (1): 6c:41:6a:f3:05:d9
            0x0000:  6c41 6af3 05d9
          mtu option (5), length 8 (1):  1500
            0x0000:  0000 0000 05dc

    The RA says [managed, other stateful], which I believe means Get some stuff via DHCPv6, and other stuff via SLAAC:

    I also don't see any prefix being advertised. Without published info from Cox on how they intend to set things, we can only guess and call Cox support, who know very little about IPv6.

    Maybe some more tcpdump will help. I'll post if I learn something.


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    I can tell you it was plug and play with my RT-N66U. However, IPv6 implimantation is still not standard across all the dd-WRT builds.

    Can you get a valid IPv6 IP if you connect a PC direct to the modem? If so, from there, can you backwards engineer the settings by seeing what traffic occurs from PC>Cox? I wish I could give you a  more direct answer but my dd-WRT experiences is out of date.