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Ipv6 dns

When will cox have ipv6 enabled in their dns? Ipv6 dns is my router ☹️( not supposed to be ), and ipv6 dns check is fail. 

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    As far as I know, Cox does support IPv6 dns through Teredo - check here:

  • Hi Omoeba,

    All residential Cox High Speed Internet customers now have access to IPv6, with the exception G1GABLAST customers. (G1GABLAST and Cox Business customers will have IPv6 enabled in 2017.) Customers with IPv6-capable devices need only to ensure that IPv6 is enabled in their home equipment. Go to for more information.

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    Becky said:
    G1GABLAST and Cox Business customers will have IPv6 enabled in 2017.

    Any word on how IPv6 will work on Gigablast and CB? Is CB going to use static IP's out of CIDR blocks like Comcast is doing? AKA will a gateway be required? Is Gigablast IPv6 going to work like Residential when it is released?

  • Hi Tecknowhelp,

    I'm sure there's a plan in place, but I don't have access to that kind of information. Sorry!