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IPV6 Configuration

I have Cox Ultimate service in Phoenix and would like to use IPV6 behind my router.   My router is getting an IPV6 address from Cox's DHCP server and it can communicate with other devices on the internet.  IPV6 routing is on in my router but it's not routing traffic. None of my computers, tablets or phones can access the internet using IPV6.

I simply want my IPV6 capable devices to use native IPV6 from behind the router.  For that to occur I believe they each need a separate public IPV6 address.  I have seen other posts on this site regarding 64-bit IPV6 address allocation.  How do I determine my network address and size?  

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    You should be able to request anywhere between a /64 to /56 from our end. How those addresses get distributed internally will be up to your router and may require contacting the router's technical support for further guidance.