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iPad - cannot send email

For the last couple of weeks we cannot send email from our iPads. I have been on three chats with cox, have reset my password, have deleted my email account and then added it on my iPad and still cannot send emails. I have verified the settings pe cox, still does not work. I receive emails, but can't send. The exact same thing happened with my wife's iPad. We get the message that the cox smtp server is not responding. Anyone else found a solution for this?

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    Hello Sparky31,

    Did you recently update your iPads to the iOS 11?  If so, is that when your sending issue started?  

    If you look in your SMTP settings, is there anything turned ON under the Other SMTP Servers Section?  If so, please turn those servers OFF as your device may be using those servers instead of the Primary Server.  Also, please go into your Primary Server and re-type your username and password.  Let us know if you continue to experience the issue.