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IP Address location incorrect

Something is wrong at the Cox end with respect to IP address location. I live in SoCal and websites that have normally detected my location correctly are now detecting my location as Kansas City, KS. Even the Cox website told me I wasn't in their service area because my zip code was in Kansas, even though I'm still living in the same zip code I've lived in for 20+ years. This has happened since August 2nd, when we left town for a few days. Upon return and turning on our computer, we have been recognized as Kansas dwellers. I spend three hours using online chat support where the best solution was to clear cache and cookies, reset my modem and router, then reboot my computer (which I had done three times already, and had told the support minions as much!). Of course, when they successfully reset my modem from their end, they also ended the chat!  Twice. Needless to say, I am slightly pissed. 

Just for my own edification, I used Google to find sites that provide location based on IP. Lo and behold, numerous sites show me in Kansas based on my IP. Some show me in the (correct) LA area based on the same IP. So, it would appear that Cox has soiled the bed linens by providing bad and conflicting information to IP address location services. What is Cox going to do to correct this, as it is nearly impossible to redirect some sites (such as AAA, when I was trying to pay a bill) away from the detected location.

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    Depending on the site when it is polling for location based information for a IP address it may report different things if that site has not updated its database. Are you continuing to see the issues with the IP?

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