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Internet Stability Problems

I live in Henderson NV (Pittman area) , has anyone else been having stability issues? For the last 2 weeks the internet will go from over 140mbps to 1kbps and then back up to 100mbps constantly. It doesn't go completely out but it drops so low that web pages will time out before they can completely load. I've done all the router, modem, computer restarts, reset, and so forth. I've switched around from direct feed to only my computer and to router (home network) and nothing changes the stability issues. I've even switched out all the CAT5 cables. Currently the network light is flashing orange but the internet seems to be steady at about 84mbps. Anyone else having issues?

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  • I have been having the same issue in Oklahoma City.  Tech finally came out Sunday (after 2 missed appointments earlier in the week) and changed the connections in the box at the house.  Monday seemed to work well, Tuesday same issue, phone tech reset the modem, I was ok Wednesday the little I used it.  Thursday SAME issue.... phone tech told me there was an update around the 20th that made my modem (Netgear C6300) and a few other "store bought" modems have issues with Cox's network.  Curious to see how many folks having this problem....

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    Which network light is flashing orange? If it's the modem that indicates a 10/100 Ethernet link which would explain why you seem stuck at 84Mbps.