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internet sppeds are not realistic nor provided by cox

Just wondering why you advertise and charge for "high speed" internet, yet most customers get speeds nowhere near the package being charged for. I pay for "Ultimate" what a joke. I routinely get download  speeds of under 40mbs! I pay for 300mbs, connect via Ethernet and can't manage to get speeds anywhere near what I am being charged for.

Someone from cox should really work on providing the service the customer is paying for. 

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    Have you tried to get it fixed? Any service calls? Verified your equipment can handle the speeds both the computer you're testing it on and the modem and router? Are your signal levels on you modem fine? Are you getting any errors or timeouts? 

    Cable companies can only guarantee their speeds plus some to an extent. You have to meet them halfway as well by ensuring everything on your end is fine...

    Post your RF levels from, your modem model, your router model, and your computer model

  • Hi Not happy70,

    I'm glad you reached out to us! I want you to get the speed of the internet tier to which you subscribe. It would be very helpful if you'd provide the information that Cpljp mentioned so we can take a closer look at what's happening. Also, please follow the instructions at on how to access the Cox Speed Test Tool while logged into your online Cox account. Run this test several times. If you are using a stand-alone modem and router, run the Cox Speed Test Tool when connected to your router, as well as when you are connected directly to the modem so we can compare the results.