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Internet Speeds

I just had internet set up today so I may be jumping the gun on this but thought that I would ask anyways.  We signed up for the plan that has up to 50 mbps download speed.  While I understand that I will not hit 50 all the time I felt that my speed was rather low.  I am only getting about 21 mbps download speed, that is not even half of advertised.  Just wondering if there is something on your end or mine that may fix this issue.

Here is the test that I ran today:

Wed Aug 10 5:22 PM

Yes 21 Mbps 7 Mbps 9 millisec Kansas

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    Helps to have more info, please provide as much of this as you can:

    • make and model of your cable modem
    • make and model of your router
    • signal levels from » or whatever your modem config access IP is
    • are you connected wired or wireless?
    • have you tested speeds bypassing router if you have one?
    • are other services such as phone or tv affected?