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Internet Speeds

I have a premier internet service and my speeds are very low.. When testing directly  from my Linksys 19721 WI-FI router I get speeds of 6.4 Mbps Download and 20 Mbps Upload. Using the Cox Speed Test, I get 6.4Mbps Download and 7 Mbps Upload. The cable mode is a DSA321N

I have reset the Modem and the result is the same.. These are not the speeds I should be seeing with the premier I-Net Service

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    Bypass the router and hardwire straight into the modem and do a speedtest on the wired connection. Make sure the modem is at least an 8 channel modem, preferably more and make sure your computer has a 1 gigabit wired ethernet NIC card.

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    What speeds are you getting hardwired into the modem from the Cox test? So that I can review your updated account information please send an email with your account information to Thanks
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    sent account info to Have not tested with router bypassed yet