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internet speed

I have poor internet speed. When playing a downloaded game the game is slow or freezes.

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    Need more information. Over wifi or hardwired? 2.4 band or 5 band? Are you in a congested area like an apartment complex if playing your game over wifi?

    Cox guarantees your speeds and a bit more only up to the modem. From the modem/gateway to your clients, factors out of Cox's control may cause you issues.

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    What speeds are you connecting with?

    What tier do you subscribe to?

    Wired or Wifi?


    Modem signal levels  (From

    How many people are using the net when it slows down?

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    @Josie Campbell

    I looked from here and the gateway is reporting the wifi is completely saturated with noise interference. Can you try testing a wired connection? Do you have a separate router connected to our gateway?