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internet speed

have premier int should get150 mb only getting 85 teck came out it was 45 he got it to 85 mb

i am paying 88 mon for 150mb and i am only getting 85 have called several times look at my call history i have been jacked around

from trying to get help now they cut me off line and say oh i we lost connection  i would go to next leavel but who would know what i would get my connect  i have hard wireed desktop changed modems reset  alot but after a while my chat line would go away this is sorry way to treat cus cox has the market covered so i dont have any other choice to go too

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    From this end the only wired connection see is a 100Mbps connection which would not be fast enough to achieve 150Mbps speeds. Do you have a PC with a gigabit Ethernet adapter you can try connecting to the modem and testing with?