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Internet speed

My download speed is tested at 115-125 Mbps. I have ultimate service. What is the average for this. I have the latest Wi-Fi modem, and my computers are wired on a Gigi-bit switch, and all computers are configured as well for the speed, & When they installed the service they even rewired everything. Never had great speed. 

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    Hardwire a gigabit computer straight into your modem and do a speedtest off cox's speedtest tool. A lot of things can be a play from a bad test server (Phx has two inaccurate servers that the automatically chooses) to a bad nice card to a wifi modem than can't support the speeds. You need at least a 16 channel modem to support ultimate. Each channel is capable of 42 mbps and with overhead that number drops to 38mbps. Multiply 38 by the number of channels your modem has and divide that by 2 and that will give you a safe zone of what the modem is able to pull even during congested peak times. 

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    Please send an email to: and include your address. I'd like to take a look at the modem. Please add that this is in reference to a Cox Forums post. Thanks!

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  • My Modem is a 16x8 It is the correct modem. I have tried everything you suggest many times, My average speed is always between 125-130 On the exception  of a few times it did hit 150. When it was first installed I always had 200mps+

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    Are you testing from a PC plugged directly into one of the gateway's Ethernet ports? Does your home have a distribution panel of any kind for wired Ethernet?

  • Ed emailed me back, Checking the modem's logs there are some issues with channels bonding on the downstream which would effect the total speeds. He hasn't email me back. I am running a high grade cable from my modem to my computer-room, and made sure that No electrical wires or boxes were near the cat-cable. I have tested the speed directly to the computer and threw switch. Same speed. I do have three Cox devices running on a splitter that might be the problem. But then again A cox tech did it and said it was fine. I use to get 200+ but now my best speed is 150 on a good day. average speed is still 120-130. I have also checked all connection and made sure they are tight, and inspected my coaxial cable throw the place and out.

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    I'd suggest trying to test direct to the gateway with a gigabit Ethernet enabled device and see what you get there to try and help isolate the issue.