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internet problems

I've been experiencing problems logging onto the Internet at my home.

WhenI use my laptop, iPhone or iPad it takes a long time to load a page, if at all. I've had to unplug the modem and wait, then plug it in again to get it to work. This has caused issues with my VoIP phone as well. I think there is an issue with my connection or modem and probably need a service technician to check it out.

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    If you prefer a technician to come out, then I would suggest calling Cox directly. But if you want to troubleshoot further here are some questions;

    What model modem do you have? If you also have a router, what model is that too?

    Also, how is your VOIP phone hooked up?

    Last, do you have Cox cable service? If so, any problems with that during the internet issues?

  • Hi Kansan,

    We'd love to troubleshoot further with you! Perhaps we can help to identify the issue and avoid a service call. If you connect your laptop directly to the modem with an Ethernet cord, reset both the modem and the laptop, and then try to get online, does the page load any faster? What URL is set for your home page on each device? Please provide the brand and model name of your modem and router (or Gateway).