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Internet privacy, Cox Policy, and Opting Out

In light of Tuesday's vote by Congress to pass S.J.Res. 34, which allows ISPs to sell user data to third parties I have the following two questions:

1. Will Cox state an updated commitment to keep customer internet usage data private?

2. Will Cox provide an opt-out option to allow users to choose to keep their internet usage data from being shared?  

The only opt-out page I could find had an option for Digital TV viewing information, and another option for telephone service information. Nothing on the "privacy settings" page related to internet usage data being shared or sold.

Thank you.

Rob Young

Irvine, CA

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    Thank you, @ChrisL, that is helpful.  If you don't mind I'd like to expand the question a little deeper.

    Will Cox be selling user specific internet usage data without PII attached? For instance, user internet logs with only an IP or Mac address as the identifier could still be used for targeted ads.  Certain providers, such as e-commerce merchants, or any site which uses a login of any type, would have no difficulty establishing a join between the anonymous internet usage and their own PII records.  These sites would then know a user's entire browsing history and more.

    I would like to know if Cox will be selling their customers' internet usage data at all?  If so, could you please provide an Opt-Out on the privacy settings page? If not, would Cox be willing to post an updated privacy policy?