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Internet pricing

I am a internet starter customer.  Earlier this year you raised the price $2.00 a month and then a couple of months later an additional $3.00 and claimed the second increase was because I was not bundling.  So if I read that communication correctly, not only would I get a price discount if I bundled, I would also not be subject to this surcharge if I bundled.  That's a classic coming and going pricing strategy.   I understand that Cox is losing cable TV customers at a disconcerting  rate but that is, as Cox knows, is a function of the Cox cable TV pricing model, which is not geared to modern customers. Rather, your current pricing model appears to be strictly profit driven (which obviously is not working) and foists on your customers TV cable channels that could not survive in market (supply and demand) driven environment or any incentives each such cable channel may be providing Cox to include those channels in your Cox cable TV bundles..  Cox, as with most cable, pricing model also discriminates against females, many of who have little or no interest in sports channels (which are a large price driver for cable pricing) and statistically significant less  interest in cable news channels.  I am an older customer and so remember the day that, in addition to your bundled prices, you permitted ala carte pricing customers.  I don't know if return to alternate  ala carte pricing  is the answer but the answer is certainly not using your captive internet customers to offset profit reductions on your TV cable because (1) we internet customers have no interest in your cable TV offerings and (2) we are not captive once your internet pricing overcomes our inconvenience of changing internet providers  threshold. 

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