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Internet nearly unusable

A few months back, our internet would stop working every now and again. No big deal, just reset the modem. Didn't give it much thought.

But then "every now and again" became weekly. Then daily. Now we're lucky if the internet sticks around for a solid hour without requiring the modem to be reset. We tried to watch the new Amy Schumer special on Netflix, and our internet pooped out three times during one 50 minute special.

The problem affects all of our devices - PC, smart TV, smart phones.

And the modem, which I have come to hate, continues to have all its lights solidly on, as if it has no idea there's a problem. Our phones don't, either. They think they have Internet but they don't, so they don't even switch over to Sprint LTE.

All the connections seem fine to me (but what do I know?), nothing seems like it's overheating... The modem's less than a year old, it should still have some vigor left in it. 

I got on and reset the modem from there, too. Didn't work.

I don't know what's going on...

Can anyone help me?

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    @ theworeks

    Please email your full service address and primary name on the account to so we can check your signal levels.

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    If you find out what is going on let me know!  Ours has become a headache too!  Our Cox internet has been a mess lately, after many years of stellar internet connection.  Now it disconnects repeatedly.  Sometime reconnecting a few seconds/minutes later.  Other times it disconnects and we have to go unplug the modem to restart it.  That may work for a short time...or, a longer time depending on the winds of time.  No reliability at all these days.  Really discouraging!!!!  We've been Cox customers for many years, but if this continues we may have to rethink our access partner....

    We've done the reset thing too; to no avail.

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    There are multiple possibilities that can cause a network to disconnect. We would need to trouble shoot accordingly to find the resolution. Please email us at with the account details and a copy of your post.