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Internet is only fast after resetting modem....

I have Cox premiere internet (150mbps Download).

I have a good modem: Surfboard SB6141 (which is also on the recommended list of modems from Cox)

I have a good router: ASUS RT‑AC1900P

We are only getting about 20mbps speeds. We called and had a technician come down and investigate. He plugged directly into the modem. He replaced all the fittings in our apartments and I think one outside. He resetted the modem and router. He tested the speed and we saw that the speed was good.

Later that day the speeds were back to slow...

We let it go for a while because we are both busy people and don't have time to play the back and forth game with ISP.

So now we are getting annoyed again (especially because we got charged for the service call when nothing was even fixed!!). They took off the charge for the service and talked us through troubleshooting the speeds. The guy said our modem was totally fine in terms of handling the speeds. They did a "hard reset" of the modem and it seemed good for about 5 minutes after the call ended...

Why is it that the internet only gives us speeds after we reset the modem???

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    If you bypass the router and connect directly to the SB6141, does the problem go away? Also, what are the speeds like wired vs wireless from the router?

    Second, what are the modem's signal levels? You can find them at

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    It seems like Bonding Channel 117 has a lot of uncorrectable codewords. Maybe that could be the reason I lose download speed?

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    Just FYI the internet cable goes like this:

    Wall outlet--->Modem--->Router

    No splitters at all. We only subscribe to internet.

  • It looks like we may need to have a technician back out. I just ran a few ping tests to your modem and am currently seeing some intermittent packet loss to the modem. If you would like to setup an appointment with us, you can send our team an email at Please copy/paste a link to this thread in the email.

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