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internet interruption and costs

i do not understand how a company like cox can have such crappy service for such high prices. i have had cox off and on for years and this time i have had it for going on 2 years and im about to loose it cause i can no long afford it and i do not feel like paying $100+ for just internet alone (we have the preferred internet = 50mbs) especially when half of the day our internet is out of service from the modem going out and resetting itself at least 5 times per day. i also remind you that this is now the 5th one we have had since we started service from them. all they tell me is my promotion has ended and they can not help me fix their mistake. last month they shut me off 5 days early. if they would have left it alone til the due date i would have had the balance brought current and would avoid another $26 fee. unfortunately where i live i can not get service from anyone but cox and now am left with either being charged way to much for such little service or go without internet. i just wish they cared more about their customers and the service they received instead of being money hungry.

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    @internet frustration

    I did take a look at the connection from this end for you and no obvious problems stand out with the connection to the modem itself. Can you try testing a wired PC connection for starters and see if that works any better?