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Internet goes out every afternoon at the same time.

I see many people are having this same issue but since I actually signed up to reply, this forum will only let me report abuse (what's with that?)

I am seeing several with the same router/gateway, all have been on about 1 to 2 years. Netgear CG 3000d. 

My Internet goes out every afternoon around 1:30 PM. I can almost set the clock by this but it has been slowly getting later each day (been happening for a couple of months now.) They keep wanting to send someone out but since they can only give me a two hour window of when the might show up, that isn't going to help much.

It makes no difference if I go through the entire reboot sequence, it just comes back on by itself, usually about 20 minutes but it was an hour the few week it started happening.

I tried turning the modem off, first for a couple of hours, then for a week when I was on a trip.

Can anyone give me a good explanation of how/why my modem could be doing this? I have it plugged directly in to the wall, I will try another outlet but that doesn't make any sense either.

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    @Chuck in Tucson

    When you lose connection what lights are still lit up on your modem router? Are you having issues with all devices or just one?

  • Went out again today, at 1 o'clock just like clockwork and just came back on, about 45 minutes today which is longer than usual.. It goes down to two lights only, Power and the first one next to that which appears to be outgoing. It effects everything I have running on wifi, why I mostly use is my table and my computer. It shows that I have network but no Internet.

    It appears that I spoke too fast as it is off I tried to post this.

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    @Chuck in Tucson

    Please email full address and primary name to, so we can take a look.

  • Hi Chuck,

    Thanks for your email. Do you have any splitters on the coax connection to your Gateway? Or an amp, perhaps? Your downstream levels are not where we'd like them to be.