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Internet drops to <1M down and ~1.1 up after 9PM 7 nights a week

Hi there,

Same situation as others are describing here.  I'm receiving 0.91 down and 1.1 up after about 9PM every day of the week.  I've checked my modem, it appears to be fine.  I've power cycled it, let it drop connection and re-establish, made sure I've got a Docsis 3.0, etc.  I've even pulled up WireShark and traced the hop issues outside of my house.

I already made the call to Verizon this morning to change to FIOS.  They're gonna get back to me as soon as they know the status of my community's utility line upgrade.

My income is supplemented by streaming, so as you can imagine, being unable to stream due to poor service is unacceptable.

I've heard of Netflix-o-clock and that cable is shared among community, but if I pay for 15 up 15 down, I want at least 33% of what I'm paying for.

I'm looking at T1 lines for $199 a month, too, but that's a large chunk of my streaming income and I'd prefer to not cut into my margin line that.  A solution would be preferable.

Thank you,

Mr. Michael

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    The connection looks OK from this end although the modem itself is reporting significant 2.4Ghz wifi interference. How are you connecting to the modem and can you sign into your account and try testing your speeds there to see what results you get?