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I just read Chris L's blog. I am not as technically savvy, but think I am having the same issues. I have reported this to COX over the many years I have been a customer. It will be better for a while and then begin to drop my internet connection just as I have typed in an entire user name and password to get to important sights. I really should have quit COX long ago but I was one of the original customers and I felt hopeful that they could compete with the BIG guys. I have gone through the modem resets over and over and even bought new ones at the recommendation of COX personnel. CAN YOU PLEASE FIX OR UPGRADE YOUR SERVICE SO THAT MY CONNECTION WILL NOT DROP OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

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    I'm not sure about this blog you're referring to although I did take a look at the connection and it appears to be working properly but reporting all available wifi channels unusable due to noise interference in the home. Can you try testing a wired connection and see if that works any better?