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Internet down this morning in the Mesa/Phoenix Area, what happened?

Anyone else in the Mesa/Phoenix area lose total internet connection this morning?  I'm in the North East Mesa area, was on line doing work, and boom, instantly lost connection to Internet.    My modem and router checked out just fine.   The diagnostic "mapping" when I ran the test showed the connection lost was with Cox somewhere, and not with my modem or router.   My neighbor had the same issue.  Must have had something going on with Cox? 

Cox, what happened?   Connection was out for about 20 mins., long enough to be problematic for me.

Can you please say what the cause was? (My physical location is Stapley and Brown Rds, Mesa, Zip Code 85203)


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    There was an outage in Arizona earlier today that caused an interruption. All services are back online now. Please let us know if you're having any further problems. Thanks for your patience!