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Internet data allowance

I want to ask about raising my data cap. I currently have the premier plan and the allowance is too low for my needs. Is there a way to increase the data cap without upgrading my plan. I am satisfied with my internet speed and don't want to buy a new modem. To be honest the data caps are way too low and unrealistic. With streaming of 1080 and 4K there is no way I can keep under the cap. If anyone does I would like to know how.  I was reading the forum and it seems the last response from Cox was in 2014. Has anything changed? Please reply. 

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    No - there is no way to up your data cap without upgrading your Speed Tier. Cox Ultimate Internet currently has the highest (unless your address qualifies for Gigablast) data cap with a 1TB allowance. It used to actually be 2TB, but Cox very stealthily cut that in half.