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Internet Connection

My internet has been sporadic at best for the past 2 or 3 months in the Springfield, VA area...anyone know what the issue is? I've reset ever piece of equipment a million times and nothing works. I don't want to sit on the *** phone for 2 hours either.

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    How about a little more info, Harleymama.

    - What modem/router or gateway do you have?  Make & model.
    - Are you connecting via wired Ethernet or WiFi?
    - If WiFi, do you loose wired connections too?  If you haven't already, can you check a wired connection to see if it's stable?
    - When you loose connection, do the lights on the modem or gateway change?
    - Do you see a lot of critical errors in the modem log?

    This may help narrow down the problem, thanks.

  • Harleymama

    Please send an email to:, please include your full address, the account holders full name and a brief description of what's been going on with the Internet service so we can address the issue properly.

    Stephanie S.
    Cox Forums Support Moderator
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    Stephanie, from this forum's welcome thread, Chris posted "The purpose of the Cox Internet Forum is to allow customers to discuss technical topics related to residential Cox High Speed Internet services with other customers."  Are you saying posting here and answering my questions will not "address the issue properly"?  Why do you want to take this off-line via email.  If the mods want to handle everything themselves, change the description & tell us so we will stop participating.  I take your post as a personal attack / insult.

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    Thanks, It's a cisco modem and Linksys router, I'll get model numbers. I am connecting via wifi and yes I lose the wired connection too. The lights do seem to go off or flicker abnormally when the internet isn't working, but not all the time. I don't know how to get to the modem log.
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    We can investigate this further for you to see what's going on. Can you send an email to with your account information and the link to this post? Thank you!
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