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Internet Connection unreliable


On Wednesday July 19, 2017 I attempted to connect to the internet.  My router reported that I had been disconnected.  I followed a standard troubleshooting process, primarily unplugging and resetting my router and modem.  

This did not solve the problem, so I contacted Cox Technical Support. They suggested the problem might be with my router. As this was an older router, I thought that perhaps this could be the issue.  I purchased a new router, installed it and was still unable to connect to the internet. Because I was unable to connect to the internet, I took my Cable modem to the nearest Cox Support Center and replaced.

I installed the new modem and was still unable to connect to the internet.  I contacted Cox Technical Support by phone and scheduled an appointment. In the meantime, the Technical Support Staff Member reviewed the signal strength and reported everything looked fine on their end and for apparently no reason whatsoever I was able to connect to the internet between the phone call and the appointment.

The technician that showed up at my house was very professional, looked at the "T" connector on the external connection and said, "We haven't used those in years. I am surprised it's still working." He replaced the "T" connector and everything seemed to be fine.

The appointment was Thursday 20, 2017. Since then (and probably actually since the initial issue) my internet connection has only been constant for a maximum of two days.  Then it will drop. The only thing that seems to have any restorative effect on my internet connection (and that only for the aforementioned two days) has been to restart the modem and restore the router to factory defaults.

Once restored, my connection returns and I am able to rename my network and maintain connectivity for another couple of days or so.

This all started after Cox reported a massive outage in my area (Virginia Beach, VA) and my internet connection has been as described as above.

Looking for some guidance or assistance.

Thank you

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    Hi Mr Peabody,

    Thank you for contacting us. We can take a closer look at your account. Could you send us an email( with your full address and the primary name on the account.