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Internet Connection Severed with Amazon Storage Cloud Services

My internet connection keeps being severed at the cable modem level when I upload to my Amazon Cloud Storage. Whether its my NAS or even my iPhone connected to my WIFI backing up photos. Once it starts all internet is shut off even though the cable modem says 'connected'. I have to unplug my cable modem to reestablish internet connection. Don't need to touch my router. Torrents is one thing, I get it. But this is a service that I am paying for with both COX and Amazon for personal drive storage, home photos and home video. Nothing more--Its BS. TechSupport doesn't know. I Had them check my modem firmware they say its up to date.

My Equipment:

  • EdgeRouter LTE
  • Unifi AP/AC Pro
  • Motorola SB6141

Same thing happening to this guy here. No solutions though.

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    From this end all looks well up to the modem itself. Can you duplicate this behavior without the router connected?