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Internet connection drops constantly

We got cox a couple days ago and the internet will randomly drop throughout the day. Websites might stop loading and then some of the lights on the modem go out(surfboard sbg6782-ac). When this happens our tv(contour tv) continues to show whatever channel is on but we can't change the channel or go to the guide, even though we can still change the volume or turn the tv off. Everything goes back to normal in around half a minute when the top 4 lights on the modem become solid, which is immediately followed by the light on the side of the tv box flasing a couple times.

We used to have uverse and the same thing would happen in the 2-3 years we were with them. They sent someone out to fix it once and it worked for about a week without issues but then it started acting up again. Is there any possible way to fix this? 

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    It does seem strange you also had similar issues with another provider. When I look from this end the modem appears to be reporting lots of power adjustments to try and maintain sync with the signal suggesting there could be a power issue of some kind. Can you try connecting the modem to a different power source and see if that helps?

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