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Internet Connection dropping numerous times a day

Cox has provided excellent service for over 5 years but suddenly my internet connection is dropping numerous times per day most often between the hours of 1-3pm. I have the preferred plan. My speed test reveal speeds downstream 43.59 and upstream of 6.65 Mbps which are more than sufficient for my needs. After speaking to support I was told the problem appeared to be on our end and most likely was a router problem. i was using a D-link 815 dual band router at the time so I purchased a Nighthawk R7000 dual band router. It seemed to work for a week or two and now the internet has begun dropping intermittently as before. Again, i spoke with support about the issue and was told that while my modem signal was good and within range it is something on our end. As a result, we contacted Netgear support and they state the router settings are properly configured for Cox services in my area but it appears to be operating as it was designed.Consequently, I purchased a Netgear CM 600 high speed cable modem to replace my Arris Motorola SB6121 which the cox technician said could be bad even though it works some of the time and had a good signal. Unfortunately, this one performs perfectly for a while and then begins dropping also. The error logs are almost identical with respect to the critical ranging errors returned by both modems. My power levels on both modems range between 35.8-39.3 and -3.7-1.4 downstream/upstream, respectively. Ideally, they should range between -5 to +5 down and 47-55 up. Although they are not that great they are within range. To my knowledge, we have no splitters wihin the residence and none outside but there is a lock on incoming line so the modem can only be placed in one location within the residence which I only mention because as unlikely as it seems the positioning of the router can greatly affect the performance of the router.

Any information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    You didn't post anything about your devices connecting to the network.  Are you connected wired or over WiFi?  When you loose connection does it effect all devices or just one?  Do wired connections drop too or just WiFi?  These questions may help narrow down where the problem lies.  Can you run a test with a computer wired directly to your modem, bypassing the router.  This may narrow it down to a cable/signal issue or router/WiFi issue.  Thanks

  • Hi Shirleyk168,

    It sounds like you have done some excellent troubleshooting on your own. Purchasing a new modem and a new router also provides us with information regarding the source of the problem. Are you able to test connectivity as AllenP suggested, by connecting a computer directly to the Netgear CM600 modem? If your internet connection continues to drop when using a device connected to the new modem with an ethernet cord, I suggest that we schedule a service call. This would indicate that the problem is outside your home or within the wiring of your home. If you'd like my team to schedule a tech for you, please email us at You can also call our 24/7 technical support team at 702-383-4000.
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    We did schedule a service call and the technician found an old splitter on the exterior where the incoming service line comes into residence and a ground wire broken and a loose connection on that part as well. Replaced with barrel connector and replaced filter in communication box on sidewalk and both power and signal levels are now noticeably improved. Tech said the service should resolve the issues we were experiencing. He (Myron) here in Las Vegas absolutely knows his business and goes about it very professionally. Hopefully we will enjoy excellent  service for another five to ten years. 

    Thank you Cox,

    Happy Customer :)-

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