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Internet Change Failing

Hi, this is Eric. 

Just yesterday at around 10 pm, (3/19/17), I got my plan changed. Cox was supposed to give me 100 Mbps down and 10 up. I now have 10 up, but my download has been stuck at 25 Mbps. Cox changed this due to my bad internet service despite the fact that I have great connectivity with my modem and router. My upload speed is great, but my download is absolutely awful. 25 Mbps instead of 100 is a huge difference and should be taken very seriously with cox. I would love if someone from Cox support could fix this issue. I have read other forums on this topic and the Cox support was able to resolve the issue fast and simple without a technician or anything. I would love to have the same done for me. Thanks. (ps: I have also been getting 5 max to go around the entire house every once in a while when I reset my router and modem).

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    @ Eric,

    Please email full address and primary name on the account to so we can check signal levels.

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    Eric, what model modem and router are you using? A 25Mbps max sounds like you may still be using a DOCSIS 2 modem.

  • Modem: 

    ARRIS SURFboard SB6183 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem


    WNDR4300v2 - N750 WiFi Dual Band Gigabit Router—Premium Edition

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    Did you ever get a resolution?  I purchased an SB6183 from Amazon and it comes with this version of the firmware...


    Search for it and people are having issues with this across the board, plus there is a known security flaw.  I put this in and my speed stayed the same but web pages with significant graphics or videos take forever to load or the browser just spins, using either my new or old wifi solution.

    I had gotten an eero wifi system and here is a link on their site...

    Hope you are able to figure out your issue, but it's pretty sad that Cox can't go the extra mile to have their techs be aware of issues and know how to remotely upgrade the cable modem firmware.  I now have an SB 6190 coming, won't be using it's full potential because i'm on Premier 150, figure i'd save $35, I was wrong.

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    I think you'd be much better off with the 6183 vs the 6190. I did look from here and yours did get updated however it appears the Netgear router you're using lacks gigabit Ethernet capability which is required for any level of service above 100Mbps. Do you have a PC with a gigabit Ethernet port you can try connecting directly to the modem and testing with?

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    Thanks for the quick response and for checking.  I do now see the firmware has been upgraded, wish one of 3 techs I worked with the other night would have mentioned this was a standard overnight process, makes me feel much better that you guys have a process to keep the firmware up-to-date.

    Until you mentioned it I really wasn't accessing sites that had intsensive graphics today, just went to some of the ones I had issues with and they are loading without any problems, albeit only as fast as the throughput of the old wireless.

    Things weren't working at all with the eero so I went back to my old Netgear, I'll swap out to see if things start functioning the way I initially thought they would when I bought both of the new pieces of equipment.

    Again, thanks for the help Chris!

  • You are very welcome JasonH. Please keep us updated on your progress.