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internet ban

In June I was notified that my internet was canx'd for 6 months for Royalty infringement. I had 3 prior due to WIFI not secure and the last one because my son downloaded a Lego movie with out me knowing. FINE..I was told by a cox rep.  it would be for 6 mths then I could get access back. WELL  here it is almost 6 mths and I called to find out the status only to be told that I (my name and NOT my address) has been permanently banned from having a cox internet account EVER....but I can still have cox TV and Phone service!                    The supposed solution was to add only the  internet under my sons name to my account. I don't know how this is going to work.

Is there a hearing board or another way to have my situation look at or reviewed to have this ban removed?


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    Please email your full address and primary name on the account to