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Intermittently crawling upload speeds

I've been having an issue for the last 6 weeks or so with my upload speed.  I have the 50/5 package.

There are times where upload speed tanks (<1mb) for 5-15 minutes at a time.  Other times like today, my upload speed is below 1mb for hours on end.  Normally I wouldn't care much about upload speed, but I do stream occasionally.  I need at half of what I'm paying for to not drop frames.

Over the past 4-6 weeks and after 2 onsite tech visits, I have a new modem, router, and cabling from the pole to the house.  Some of the cabling from the house drop to the modem is fresh as well.  We have a very basic cable package which requires a splitter.  I am unsure if the cable from the splitter to the house drop has been replaced, but it could have.  But it is fresh cable from the splitter to the modem.

I'm at my wits end.  I'm to the point where I don't think another visit is going to do anything but kill half a day off from work waiting around the house, and I don't think there's anything left to fix that is physically on my property.  

What's next?  

After attempting to stream, noticing frame drops, I started an upload speed test.  Here are the results after just over an hour of testing:

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    I see two things from this end that are not ideal actually. One being there appears to be some packet loss when I try to connect to the modem from here. You can try bypassing any cable splitters that may be in place to see if that helps. It also appears the router you're using doesn't support gigabit Ethernet suggesting that it may be an older model. You could try connecting directly to the modem without the router and see if that helps too.

  • Thank you for looking into this, Chris.

    I purchased a Netgear N750 today.  It says gigabit router right on the box.  Still boxed until a couple more tests.

    I did a 30 minute test this morning with my PC plugged directly into the modem.

    As you can see from the graph, 1.69 upload was my best, and that was my only test of the 6 that was above 1mb.

    Still need to take out the splitter and test.  Need to get a coupling in order to do that though.  I'll post another test after that.

  • Test results w/ splitter removed and PC plugged directly into modem.

    The right 2/3rds (the PM tests) are those results. 1.94 was my highest result.

    What else can we look at?

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    You'll definitely benefit from a router upgrade although I do still see some packet loss being reported by the modem. You can see if it works better on another cable outlet otherwise a tech may need to come out and take a look at that.

  • There is no other cable outlet.  The cable from the modem goes down through the floor into the basement and ties directly to the house hookup.  Time for a tech then I suppose.

    Just let them know the modem is experiencing packet loss?

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    Can you post the signal levels from the modem's webpage? Packet loss is usually caused by uncorrectables with the downstream channels. Knowing what downstream frequencies have the most errors might tell the technician where to start looking. 

  • Having issues posting images, sorry.

    The uncorrectables column was all zeros.  The correctables did have some other-than-zero values in some of the rows.