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Intermittent slow internet speed

randomly down speeds drop to 0.8-4 when I get  down 120

1. removed a splitter 

2. replace wire into house from outside

3.removed a cable "trap" 

Now these drop in speeds don't last as long but they still exist. I don't know what else to do?!

No idea why its upside down?

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    Standard speed troubleshooting steps:

    1: Test wired directly to modem

    2: Use multiple testers:

    I can't tell from the image, but I think it's indicating one of the channels isn't locked - I'd try powercycling the modem several times to see if it can get a lock on that channel.

    Did *you* remove a trap?  Are you sure it was a trap and not a filter/attenuator?

    Did *you* replace the outside wiring?  Are you using the proper cabling and crimping?

    Removing splitters is always a good idea, if possible.